Our Services

Steamboat Reading provides support with reading, writing, math and self-advocacy skills by providing a variety of services. Please contact our office for a free phone consultation to create a customized plan.  



We offer one-on-one and small group tutoring services.  Each tutoring session includes attention toeach child's unique strengths and challenges, development of skills and confidence, guidance to achieve reasonable, yet ambitious, goals, individualized at-home activities and support for parents.

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We help you to understand and navigate the IEP, 504, or READ plan process at your school.  We can advocate by explaining the testing that your child has completed, determining appropriate services and supports for your child and helping to explain what the school's plan(s) mean.

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We offer Comprehensive Evaluations, Literacy Evaluations and Instructional Assessments.  Assessments vary in the information they provide and duration of evaluation time. These assessment session(s) are used to evaluate your child’s skills and how we can best assist.  You receive a written report and oral interpretation of the results. 

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This was created to support and provide education for parents of children with learning differences.  A learning difference can be something diagnosed, like dyslexia, dysgraphia, or ADHD, or something that causes a challenge for a child to learn.  It meets the last Tuesday of each month.  Please contact Steamboat Reading to RSVP.