"My initial experience with Kim Schulz was as a parent concerned about my 4th-grade daughter who had spent her elementary career distressed about not being able to keep up in reading with her peers. Since kindergarten, we had parent-teacher meetings about low reading test scores and her being moved down in reading groups. At the same time, her teachers and other staff said there was "nothing to be concerned about."  Kim was different. She listened intently. She asked thoughtful questions. She was not put-off by my strong emotions of confusion, frustration, and concern. As a parent, I finally felt understood, and Kim had good ideas, professional connections, and resources; it seemed that through Kim there might be some real solutions for my daughter (in terms of reading and her feelings about herself and reading).  

Then, I enrolled my daughter in a three-week summer workshop; she had not met Kim and was not thrilled about spending 30 hours in "summer school." But she returned home after the first afternoon with Kim and three other students who were new to her... and well, she did not complain or say anything negative; in fact she seemed to be looking forward to the next session.  My daughter enjoyed the games, getting to know the other kids, and working--methodically and diligently--on reading & writing and organizational & presentation skills. In fact, she was sad when the summer workshop ended and several of the kids exchanged farewell gifts. Fifth grade was immediately different; she sailed through the first few weeks of review and confidently faced the forty-book challenge. While she admits she is still a slower reader than some of her classmates, she now openly speaks of her strengths in comprehension and writing. She's even facing bit-by-bit the challenge of getting her disorderly bedroom to a more functional space.   Best of all, she learned the critical life skill that "getting help" is worthwhile, fun and rewarding.  Thank you, Kim and your business, Steamboat Reading." - Parent of a 5th Grader

"I am so happy that my son had the opportunity to work with Kim and Ann. Ann is so amazing! She is a gem! I felt confident trusting Steamboat Reading to support my child in the best way possible and meet his needs. He showed great growth, and we both felt grateful that he was feeling more confident." - Parent of a 1st Grader

"Three years ago, we left meeting with our son’s second grade teacher very discouraged and uncertain.  She had made it clear to us our son was falling behind in class, but few resources were offered to help us and we had been struggling ourselves to help him. Literally the next day, I read an article about Kim and her services, I felt like it was meant to be. After reaching out and meeting Kim, we began using her services, traveling weekly to see her. Three years later, I cannot imagine where we would be without her help. Kim has engaged our son’s learning in a way that no one else has been able to do. She has been able to find ways for him to learn the way he needs to learn and truly understand what he is learning.  Our son has a much brighter educational future now. Thank you, Kim!" - Parent of a 5th Grader

"My son has struggled with reading from the time he was in preschool. No matter how much we ‘practiced’ or how much we read to him, he just was not able to catch on and learn. Steamboat Reading changed his life and gave him the gift of reading for enjoyment. The most important turning point was that we needed to figure out how he learned best. Steamboat Reading played the biggest part of figuring this out, which help us as parents work with him and practice the methods in which he learned the written language. We were also able to provide this information to his school teachers so that they could also do their best to help him continue his reading growth. He has rarely struggled with frustration because he has tools to help him help while reading. A second big obstacle was writing. He had wonderful detailed ideas but could not get them from his mind to paper, so last summer he attended a reading camp offered by Steamboat Reading. For the first time, he actually began to want to write. He made friends and realized that he is not alone in his struggles. He learned that he might have to go about writing differently to get his ideas on paper. The best thing I could relay to other parents is that this was the only time my son wanted to go to a summer camp. He said he wished the camp lasted the whole summer. The time and money we invested in this program has given our son the priceless gift of wanting to and enjoying reading and writing, which will carry over to so many areas of his life forever. His confidence has grown. He is proud of his work. He is learning to take ownership of his own education, and he enjoys school. Without the help of Steamboat Reading and his amazing connection to Kim, I do not believe he would be in this wonderful place. I would recommend the tutoring and the summer camps to anyone, even for kids that are ‘on level’ —they will finish with an advancement in understanding how they learn personally and the ability to use the tools to enhance their learning. Thank you, Steamboat Reading and especially Kim for working so diligently with our son!" - Parent of a 4th Grader

"My son’s report cards show that he has struggled with writing since kindergarten. He was getting some interventions in the schools, but at the beginning of this school year, I realized that if we continued along the same path he would start high school with the writing skills of an average 4th grader. We found Steamboat Reading, and he has now made what seems like years of progress in the time he has been working with Kim. In addition to helping his writing, she has helped him with organization and self-advocacy skills, all of which have helped his self-esteem. I am so happy that we found Steamboat Reading - I only wish we had found them sooner." - Parent of a 8th Grader

"There is so much that can be said about Kim. She is magnificent at constructive communication with parents. She speaks to you with thought, knowledge, and honesty. My daughter actually looks forward to her sessions with Kim and is disappointed when they are over. And, though my daughter's lesson may be over, the time Kim spends on her is not. She is always planning for and thinking about what the student needs. My daughter's reading skills have not only grown significantly but just as important, her confidence has grown as well." - Parent of a 4th Grader*

"Tutoring with Kim really helps, and if my friend asked me about it, I would say you should do it." - 4th Grade Student*

 "We love Kim. During the process, we understood where our son was and what the goals of tutoring were as she explained the assessments she did with him to monitor progress. She helped us extend his learning by teaching us how to support him.  We feel that we got more than our money's worth and are indebted to Kim for helping our son thrive. He loves reading now and won't put his books down!" - Parent of a 4th Grader*

 "Kim is able to provide explicit reading instruction for my son that follows research-based approaches. But what is even more important, she has the patience, caring, and bag of tricks needed to help my son feel more motivated and confident. His attitude toward reading has improved immensely during his time working with Kim. That's just as important to me as his improvement in reading." - Parent of a 2nd Grader*

"My son has grown leaps and bounds thanks to Kim and her helpful guidance. She gave my son, my husband, and me tools we can use now and in the future to keep him moving ahead. He adores going 'to college'! We cannot thank Kim enough for the work she has done with my son." - Parent of a 1st Grader*

"Our daughter made great, concrete strides working with Kim, and she had fun as well." - Parent of a 4th Grader* 

"I really want Kim back. She teaches me all these tricks that other kids in my class don't know. I'm one of the smartest kids in my class with letters and it's because of Kim. And it's fun learning with her!" - 1st Grade Student* (shared with his mom during Kim's maternity leave)

*Testimonial collected from Kim's clients when she was tutoring under the business name "Key to Learning."